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About Us

Chiara and Erika are so blessed and honored to offer this life changing work out into the world. They truly feel that this is one of the reasons they incarnated on the Earth at this time together. Over the years they have forged one of the most powerful sisterhood connections. Their work together began almost a decade ago with their Full Moon ceremonies based out of Encinitas, California. Over the years they have shared more moon ceremonies than they can count! Erika and Chiara have collaborated in their beautiful Restorative Yoga training, and taught side by side in the world renowned Hatha Yoga training at The Soul of Yoga in Encinitas. Although the entire world shifted for everyone in the most recent years, they have continued their work virtually with their monthly moon offerings. Chiara even moved to Hawai’i and they never skipped a beat!

Over the years Chiara and Erika have taken the deepest of dives into healing their present life traumas as well as stepping onto the path of being the “change makers”, and healing the sacred feminine and masculine energies in their personal lineages and that of the collective. This has not always been an easy path, yet the rewards are beyond measure. Although they each have learned the Shamanic arts in different ways with their own respected teachers, they have always had each other to lean on, and have woven their teachings together effortlessly. Erika and Chiara are the best of friends, mothers, soul sisters, and their collaborative work is potent! Individually they have each been on the healing path for over twenty years. Now is the time to offer all that they have learned, integrated, and embodied with their beloved students.

About the Apprenticeship

The Earth Medicina Apprenticeship is a path towards becoming an Earth Medicina practitioner, using Chiara and Erika’s guidance and tools to support your healing path… from the root to the bloom. This apprenticeship is based on the practices of cross cultural Shamanism, blending the energies of the North and the South. Chiara and Erika feel these teachings weave together magically, and they deeply honor and bow to their ancestors, all the Medicine women and men of the past, present, and future, and our Earth Mother, for allowing them to bring this much needed work out into the world. The Level One Training is the place for you to receive the healings and learn about your medicine, it will also be a prerequisite for the Level Two and Three training in the future.

Training Logistics

The Opening Ceremony is the Winter Solstice, December 21st 2023.

We will gather every week for 2 hours. The entire training is virtual, with the option to attend some of the nights in person at The Healing Hawk Sanctuary in Alpine Ca with Erika. Or if you happen to be on Big Island, Chiara will open her home as well!!

All sessions will be offered live and recorded for your review, however, live attendance will be required for 90% of the course. This is not like many of the “trainings” that you have attended. We are a circle of powerful healers, working together, sharing our medicines, and we need to hold an immaculate container of safety and integrity together.

 In addition to the scheduled sessions, you will be required to complete 3 non-contact hours of soul/ritual work that will be assigned at the beginning of each month.

As a gift, you will also receive a 90 minute private session with either Erika or Chiara. One on one work is a powerful way to integrate.

***13 spaces are available to honor the intimacy of this deep work***

In order to be accepted in the program, you will be required to interview with Chiara and Erika via zoom or a conference call. This interview process is a way for us to all “feel” in together, and confirm that this is a beneficial relationship for all involved. Alignment is key in this type of work.

Financial Contribution

Upon acceptance to the program, your $500.00 non-refundable deposit will hold your space. Your deposit can be used towards our next training, or one on one work with one of us, in the case that you cannot attend this training for some reason.

The training fee is $4,444.00.

                ***Save $111.00 with our early bird discount by paying in full by 11/11/23***

We are offering a payment plan breaking down the total into three payments of $1,315.00.

All fees must be paid in full minus the deposit by 12/12/23. No additional fees will be required for the payment plan.

We look forward to holding space with you!


Chiara and Erika

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